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Stefano Vuerich

Man who has dedicated his life to the ski

Before in the national team and afterwards skiman

Stefano Vuerich was born on 19 July 1964 in Valbruna, Udine. I started my career as a skier when I was very young with Monte Lussari Ski Club.

In 1982 I joined the Fiamme Gialle ski group and I got good results also in national competitions.

Something that has always told me apart from all the other skiers was my passion for material’s care and for this reason I had to make a heart-breaking choice, partly forced by the Guardia di Finanza and by the director of the Italian Team Mario Azzità. A choice, however, that has given me a lot of satisfaction.

In fact, when I was 23 I decided to end my career as an athlete and start a new life as a skiman.

I started with smaller teams, the first was the A team of Nordic combined.

I had great teachers, like Ferdinando Longoborghini and Paolo Manfredini, who taught me a lot, especially in the early years when gaining experience is really important.

From the first experiences to the Olimpyc games

After a year, I switched to cross country skiing with the B team, where I had the opportunity to see champion such as Maurilio Dezolt, Gianfranco Polvara, Albert Walder, Joseph Ploner, Giorgio Vanzetta, Marco Albarello, Silvio Fauner, Fulvio Valbusa, Christian Zorzi, Giorgio Di Centa and for the female team Manuela Di Centa, Stefania Belmondo, Gabriella Paruzzi, Sabina Valbusa, and many others;

The work of technicians is often ignored, but it is very difficult and it requires a lot of sacrifice (in fact for a long time I was away from home). I will never forget the hours spent skiing in the north during dark winters to test them, along with my great friend Roberto Gal.
However, these sacrifices paid off well with good results. It was really a great satisfaction to see them winning also thanks to my work.

This job has allowed me to travel around the world, however without any sightseeing as I was skiing most of the time. The most interesting places are those where the Olympic games and the World Cup took place, where the atmosphere is magic.

As a skiman I took part in 15 World Cup (Oberstdorf ‘87,Lahti ‘89, Val di Fiemme ‘91, Falun ‘93, Thunderbay ‘95, Trondheim ‘97, Ramsau ‘99, Lahti ‘01, Val di Fiemme ‘03, Oberstdorf ‘05, Sapporo ‘07, Liberec ‘09 , Oslo ‘11, Val di Fiemme ‘13, Falun ‘15) and 8 Olympic games ( Calgary ‘88, Albertville ‘92, Lillehammer ‘94, Nagano ‘98, Salt Lake City ‘02, Torino ‘06, Vancouver ‘10, Sochi ‘14).

From the national ski team to my laboratory

After the Olympic games in Salt Lake City in 2002, I decided to leave the Italian national team and Guardia di Finanza so I started with own business by opening my laboratory, which has evolved with time.

Currently there are four CNC machines Mantec, Svecom and Wintersteiger (this was built in two years also with my advice and it is the only one in Italy).

The structures must be studied and tested on the ski track every day to achieve good results. In fact, during recent years, thanks to detailed tests that are done in the laboratory together with foreign universities, we have got great results thanks also to the usage of new stones and diamonds, an exclusive for Vuerich Service.

These results are known internationally, in fact, many foreign national cross-country skiing and biathlon teams are using our structures in the World Cup, such as Petra Majdic (the winner of two World Cups, a world championships and Olympics medal).

After years of tests and tries we decided to evolve and include Alpine skiing, where in the first races of the World Cup, some athletes, thanks to our structures, have reached the podium.

Year 2011/13, eight years later I started to work again with the Italian Federation of cross-country, biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic combined. I am responsible of structures, supported by the whole team of Vuerich Service.

Year 2013/14, for two seasons I was responsible of the Russian Team structures for the Olympic games in Sochi.

After all these years I have decided to make my experience available to everyone that love ski, both amateur and professional athletes.

I haven’t signed any contract as I want to spend more time in our laboratory and also due to my collaboration with Fischer company, which occupies much time.

We try to work and improve day by day to ensure only the best to all athletes , from World Cup athletes to amateurs, and beginners.

Stefano Vuerich

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